November 07, 2010

From My Sketchbook... "An Afternoon Downtown"

July 2 was a beautiful, warm, summer day after a rainy and cold "Canada Day". I spent the afternoon downtown in Fredericton with a friend. We sketched these three sights. I wish I could post her drawings too. She does a great job at capturing things in a more realistic way, whereas I draw things more graphically and it's interesting to compare both results.

It's also nice to reminisce about summer during the dreary days of November :)


  1. I LOVE these!! Keep it up Girl.
    The Crank

  2. love these sketches, Christine. You have a knack with a pen. Beautiful work... Make time for your art. You have talent.

  3. ok Christine, I know i already commented on these, but i just looked at them again & i absolutely LOVE the 1st drawing... those swirls & swooshes coming out of the bench... Wow. Brilliant work.

    Don't put your pen down quite yet. Especially not for lottery tickets... :o)

  4. Beautiful artistic lines.Looking at those drawings I feel peace and serenity... I absolutely love it and I look forward for more drawings...