March 16, 2011

5 Days in the Life...

I tried to draw every day last week, but some days I got distracted and forgot to, or didn't have time to. But it's ok, because on the days that I did take the time to do this, I had fun. It's like a little mental getaway of sorts :)

March 4th was a Friday, and I guess I was feeling pretty 80s or something.. ;) haha the colors in real life are neon...

March 5th I got this weird feeling at one point, that felt like some sort of "foreshadowing" to spring. The next day a lot of snow melted away with rain, so that was great!!! :)

March 7th, Monday, I was looking at my calculator a lot because I was given a new method to report my work hours to Natalie. So I drew the day like my calculator.

March 9th I had some quiet time early in the morning, watching the sun rise outside my window. There were some nice fluffy snowflakes falling peacefully. Some Canadian geese flying back from the south were making me laugh because the way they were flying made them look like they were freezing cold and/or needed to go to the bathroom.

March 10th I just wanted to try something with watercolor again, but it turned out looking weird and not as I imagined it would. Oh well.

I completely forgot about these until today (wednesday the 16th!) So I'm gonna try to start another week of drawings tomorrow :)

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  1. WOOOO HOOOOOO!!! I always smile when i hear of anyone doing ANY kind of daily drawing!! Good for you Christine. What a wonderful way to keep your creative juices flowing. Bravo.
    btw, thank you for the lovely comments on my blog. It's always so wonderful to read...
    and i love your list. :o) yeah, "breathing" is a good one. :o)
    keep drawing Christine. Art matters in this world.