October 14, 2010

Hot Hot Heat, Hey Rosetta! & Rich Aucoin in Moncton!!!!!!!

This past Tuesday, Monkeytown had the privilege to welcome three awesome Canadian bands: Hot Hot Heat, Hey Rosetta! and Rich Aucoin!!! They put on a friggin fantastic show!!!! :D These videos are just a glimpse of their fabulousness, and don't them justice, so I implore you to go see them live if you ever have the chance!!! (I’m sorry I don’t have any footage of Rich Aucoin... His live show was so captivating that I didn’t even think to take out my camera! He’s a one-man circus of insane awesomeness :D)

Hey Rosetta! - There's An Arc

Hey Rosetta! - We Made a Pact

Hey Rosetta! - New Goodbye

Hot Hot Heat - Talk To Me Dance With Me

Hot Hot Heat - Get in or Get Out

Hot Hot Heat - Middle of Nowhere

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  1. P.S. Sorry about the low quality... It's just faster to upload :(