October 01, 2010

"Designer From Hell"

There's a blog called "Clients from Hell" where people (mostly designers, I assume) basically post miscommunications that they've had with their clients, or super-hilarious things their clients have said. Definitely worth checking out.

Ok, so that being said, if we (designers) can have a sense of humour about our clients, why can't we have a sense of humour about ourselves too? I want to share this funny "designer from hell" moment I had while emailing a client yesterday:

Me: [...] And, I’d also like to point out that in the “Baseball [name has been removed to protect the innocent]” logo, the “leaves” are actually black, but because you only have 4 colors, the “leaves” will be the dark blue of the hoodie. Is that ok?

Client: Perfect. Thanks. I think those leaves are baseball stitches :)

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