September 28, 2010

Matt Mays & The Australian Animals

Last week, during his show, Matt Mays commented that these Australian animals were staring at him... It made us all laugh :D I think this is their way of apologizing for freaking him out or something... lol! Or maybe it's just my way of saying "please come back to Moncton soon!! :D" (P.S. This used to be a "Boomerang's" Restaurant, hence the Australian animals eating with napkins around their necks... just in case anyone was!)


  1. No wonder these critters were freaking Matty out, their creeepy! But it's true, we do love you Matt. Can't wait for the new album.

  2. Does it say that on the actual wall in Moncton now or was the "moncton loves you matt mays" just photo shopped in there??

  3. It was just Photoshopped there lol :P